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Strength training


Strength training, also known as weight training or resistance training, is an essential component of any fitness routine. It gives you confidence and increases muscular strength.


Strength training involves moving your body against some form of resistance, such as:

1. Your body fat

2. Dumbbells or barbells are examples of weight training.

3. Resistance bands, also known as resistance tubing or workout bands, are a type of elastic band.

4. Cable machines, single-exercise machines, and multi-gym systems are examples of resistance machines.


Types of strength training:

Absolute Strength

To understand what absolute strength is, coaches must first understand what it isn't. Absolute strength does not indicate how much weight a client can lift about their body weight. Rather, absolute strength is a measurement of how much weight a client can 'absolutely' lift, regardless of body weight.

Relative Strength

The main objective of relative strength training is to maximize the amount of force you can produce while not gaining too much weight. To put it another way, maximize your strength-to-weight ratio.

Power or Explosive Strength

rest period rate at which you can use your strength is referred to as explosive strength! It implies heavy loading in short, high-speed movements for a few repetitions, followed by longs.

Strength Endurance

It is the ability to exert force repeatedly against a form of resistance. It is seen in activities that necessarily involve a relatively long period of muscle tension with a minimal decrease in inefficiency.


Benefits of strength training

Strength training helps to maintain bone health and muscle mass.

Strength training aids your body's ability to burn calories efficiently.

Strength Training Aids in Long-Term Weight Loss.

Strength Training Aids in the Development of Better Body Mechanics.

Strength training increases energy and improves mood.


Strength training equipment

Chest press

Shoulder press

Lat pulldown

Butterfly machine



We hope you enjoyed our article on strength training. The key to strength training is working out smarter, not necessarily harder. By focusing on compound lifts and staying consistent, you can build a strong, lean body without spending hours at the gym!


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What are some of the strength training exercises?

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